Think About It: What Would Your Role Model Do?

In times of struggle or indecision, ask yourself, what would the most important or influential person you know do in that situation?


As in…

What would Jesus do?

What would Beyonce do?

What would mom do?

What would J.K. Rowling do?

What would Oprah do?

What would Brene Brown do?


I’ve heard this before and it sounds silly, but it could work when you’re in a time in your life where you really don’t know what to do. Or when you’re faced with a difficult decision with a lot of fear involved. Simply taking a moment to think about the people you admire and see as role models can help you to decide in the right direction for what you want your life to be.


And it’s not just real people or alive people; it can be fictitious people or dead people, too.

What would Hermione do?

What would Tyrion do?

What would Gandhi do?

What would Woody do?


Consider this:

  • People who have given you great advice before
  • Podcasts or YouTubers you love
  • Books you’ve read
  • Teachers you’ve had
  • Mentors
  • World Leaders
  • Daring, brave people
  • Good-hearted, fair people

And it’s not just what they’d do, it could be what they’d say, who they’d choose, or how they would advise you if they were right there in front of you.


So, when you are next thinking about something too much or are afraid of something, ask yourself what your role model would do in that situation. And then, do as they would!

Good luck! x




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