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Finding Clarity: Your Values

Hey guys, welcome back to the Finding Clarity Series, if you haven't already, make sure to read last week's post about Agreements before this one, as it sets the foundations for the series and towards seeing things clearly in your life. Today, I'm walking you through another key part of this series: your values. Finding… Continue reading Finding Clarity: Your Values

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What if life isn’t a Masterpiece or a Book?

People like to throw around the cliches that life is a masterpiece, or life is a book. And this masterpiece or book is solely yours to craft. You are the artist; you are the author of your life. But what if this idea sounds nice and all, but it's flawed? For me, thinking about my… Continue reading What if life isn’t a Masterpiece or a Book?


Think About It: What Would Your Role Model Do?

In times of struggle or indecision, ask yourself, what would the most important or influential person you know do in that situation?   As in... What would Jesus do? What would Beyonce do? What would mom do? What would J.K. Rowling do? What would Oprah do? What would Brene Brown do?   I've heard this… Continue reading Think About It: What Would Your Role Model Do?

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How to Make Better Decisions: Making Better Decisions for Confidence

How to make better decisions. Making better decisions helps with confidence. Today we're talking about the importance of decision-making and how to make better decisions. Blog post about this topic here: How to Make Life Decisions Podcast episode on decisions here: Podcast or Apple podcasts Click to play!   This week's worksheet: Confidence Challenge Week Five Worksheet… Continue reading How to Make Better Decisions: Making Better Decisions for Confidence

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Seeking Outside Validation

Caring too much, or giving too much weight to outside validation, is a dangerous game to play. It is a fast-track ticket to putting your self-worth up for debate in front of others. Validation should always come from within, first and foremost. What seeking outside validation looks like When we seek outside validation, we are… Continue reading Seeking Outside Validation

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How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?

In today's Identity Series essay, I'm going deep. Real deep. I aim to cover the following questions in both a philosophical, personal, and psychological manner: What is the meaning of life? Why do we do what we do? How do our choices and beliefs influence one another and then contribute to our identity (who we… Continue reading How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?

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Decisions Are Hurting Our Health

There's never been so much choice than there is today and I believe that this is one of the leading causes in our society's mental health decline. We have never had so much choice on careers, with university being more easily accessible, new jobs being created, being able to travel and work abroad, and being… Continue reading Decisions Are Hurting Our Health

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How to Make Better Life Decisions

I don't know about you, but I am rubbish at decision making! I nearly always second-guess myself and give myself a headache with all the overthinking *sigh*. Aside from pros and cons lists, decision making can be tough. And there's been times when a pros and cons list just hasn't been enough to help me… Continue reading How to Make Better Life Decisions