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My Autumn Bucket List!

Since the start of summer, I’ve been writing seasonal “bucket lists”. I’ve only completed two, but I really love the idea. It follows the strategy of intentional living; trying to do things, instead of just living life by chance. Instead, you have a list of fun or challenging or season-specific activities. This ensures you’re excited for the coming months, have plans to do, won’t be bored, make the most of the time, and don’t waste the seasons where it is best to do certain activities.

This has been even more important for my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) where I usually fall kind of depressed and more anxious in the autumn/winter months. Having things to look forward to, that will fill my time, makes it easier to welcome the months that usually worry me.

So, here is my autumn/fall bucket list:

  1. Read 1-2 Harry Potter books
  2. One more holiday
  3. Poetry writing
  4. Go for Thai food with sibling(s)
  5. Blanket and movie marathons
  6. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald(!!!!!!!!!)
  7. Autumn outfits
  8. Pumpkin carving
  9. Booties and leather jacket
  10. Environment change/decor
  11. Buy a new ring
  12. Decorate for Halloween
  13. Read a Middle-Grade classic book
  14. Halloween/Horror movies October
  15. Meditation with candles
  16. Sister’s birthday
  17. Coffee shop working
  18. New tattoo
  19. New coffees tried (pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon latte, gingerbread etc.)
  20. Cinnamon recipes
  21. New hair
  22. Find: a conker, leaves of red, brown and orange, a green tree, a bare tree, pine cones
  23. Fall photoshoot
  24. Take aesthetically pleasing photos
  25. Watch fantasy TVshows
  26. Prepare for Christmas (12 days of Christmas fun, Christmas quiz)
  27. Read a self-development book
  28. Marshmallows and bonfire
  29. Read Pottermore content
  30. Fireworks
  31. Rewatch Stranger Things
  32. Make a stew
  33. Halloween Eternity series posts
  34. Make my own soup
  35. Amsterdam
  36. Make my own garlic bread
  37. Sell some of my stuff
  38. Spa or massage
  39. Do an online course
  40. Lose some weight
  41. Mini Thanksgiving celebration
  42. Read a scary story
  43. 90s movie day
  44. Autumn nature walk
  45. Read in a new cafe with a coffee
  46. Bake cookies or brownies
  47. Autumn mood boards
  48. Watch sports (in person or on TV)
  49. Research into fantasy worlds and texts
  50. Journal more/ life writing/ document my thoughts

I’m fine with not completing the whole list. The point is, I have things to do to keep me excited; to keep me going. Some can even overflow into my Winter Bucket List, if I want. It’s totally up to me because it’s my list and my life! And the same goes for you, so have some fun making your list and have fun this cold season.

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