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How to Make Better Life Decisions

I don’t know about you, but I am rubbish at decision making! I nearly always second-guess myself and give myself a headache with all the overthinking *sigh*. Aside from pros and cons lists, decision making can be tough. And there’s been times when a pros and cons list just hasn’t been enough to help me with the decision.

So, how do we do it? I’ve come up with some ideas that I believe will help me (and hopefully you, too) to make better life decisions.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Does the decision help me with my top three priorities in life right now? (beforehand, you will need to know your top 3 priorities. For example, mine are: Book Deal, Financial Independence, and Good Health)

Is it a positive challenge? A good out-of-my-comfort-zone step?

Is it going to be fun for ME?

Will it help me get out of my head, and be in life instead?

Is it morally right to do?

Will it bring me happiness and fulfillment?

Does it align with who I am and what I truly want?

What are my reasons behind it? “Don’t do something just because you’re afraid to do something else that’s scarier or harder.

Am I deciding from a place of fear?

Am I doing it because someone else wants me to?

Will it help me on the road to who I want to be?

Does it make sense for right now?

Is it good for me? Good for my health?

Is it important? Important to me and/or for me?

Does the time, money, or energy it takes to do this worth it for the reward/end result?

What are my other options? Is there something more appropriate?

What is my current mindset right now? Should I trust my decision-making abilities?

Is this a decision just for me or does it involve others? Do I need help making this decision? (Be careful to always choose what’s best for you or fair when you do this, though)

What would the brave option be? If you were more confident, what would you choose?

Should I be making this decision logically or from a place of emotion?

Some other quick tips:

  • Make a pros and cons list (hey, it works sometimes!)
  • Ask for advice (from the right people, who have been there or who you trust)
  • Weigh up your options logically
  • Try the process of elimination
  • Use past experiences to help you (don’t make the same mistakes twice…or three times!)
  • Try to trick yourself – flip a coin to decide and see if you’re happy or disappointed by the outcome; this will show what you truly want to do

Good luck with your decision making. I hope you come to decide on the right thing for you!


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