Know Who Inspires You and Why

There is gold in the knowledge of who you are inspired by, and most importantly – WHY.

It’s not enough to say you like this person or that person, or simply picking someone who you feel you should be inspired by. It’s easy to say “I’m inspired by Oprah Winfrey” but if you can’t actually pinpoint why and you don’t have any specific detail about the greatness of that person then do they really inspire you?

Instead, model people that actually work for you and your pursuits. There’s no point in getting your inspiration from a footballer if you have no desire to be a footballer. Find role models that make sense for you.

For example, some of my role models are J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, Tomi Adeyemi, Angie Thomas, Rick Riordan, and Elizabeth Gilbert. They all share one thing in common – they’re authors. Why do I model them? Why do they inspire me? Because I want to be an international best-selling author.

And they are from particular genres, too. Fantasy and biography/self help/spirituality/memoir. These are genres I love to write in myself.

These people would be ideal mentors for me. They inspire me to keep going. They inspire my content. They also inspire me by the kind of awesome people they are behind their books, too. It’s the kind of success and status and ability to create change that I want to achieve and so they are my role models, my inspiration.

How does knowing this serve me? It shows me who I want to be. It gives me a goal. It puts my goal into a visual. And most importantly, it shows me that my goals are achievable and realistic because someone else has done it before me.

All crucial information to know when on the road to self development and success.

But that’s not all. There is a lot of ways you can be inspired by others…

You can be inspired by someone for:

  • Their look (hair, clothes, tattoos)
  • Their achievements
  • Their status
  • Their work/craft
  • Their art
  • Their change-making moves
  • Their voice
  • Their diet
  • Their desires
  • Their likes and dislikes

What you can’t do is:

  • Copy them
  • Lose yourself and your uniqueness
  • Become lost in them so much that it’s an obsession
  • Become jealous of them
  • Change to become them
  • Follow their lives so much that you forget to live your own

So, find your role models. Find your people. Don’t model people just because you feel you should. Find people who speak to you and your wants and your vision. Know why you want to be like them. And even better, find ways to surpass them!

Oo oo oo, I want to be like youuuu!” – Jungle Book

Get a list together of people you admire and list why you admire them. Then, research their work and their lives, then see what knowledge you can gather to help you succeed, too.

Follow people who have walked the path that you want to walk. That’s the only real way of getting there, too.



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