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Spring Has Sprung & What That Means For Me

It is the Spring Equinox today, which means spring is here! I think someone needs to tell the weather that, though…

Spring is my favourite time of year because it’s all about rebirth, coming anew, and getting out of that winter slump.

I find that I suffer from SAD in the winter, so I always feel a breath of fresh air once the spring has come. Plus, it’s my birthday in April, so I’m a spring baby!

This spring, I’ve got a few things that I’d like to do, and so I’m sharing with you what Spring 2018 means to me.


Of course, spring cleaning comes to mind when we think of spring. It is a good idea to clear out your room and work space (especially) when it comes to spring, ensuring your rid your space of the winter clutter it has gathered.

I have already started selling my old, unwanted items on eBay, and every month I will continue to sell things and give things to charity that I’m no longer using.

This is a great way to get into the right headspace for taking on new challenges during the spring and summer months (when people usually feel more motivated).

Lifestyle changes:

I have become a freelance writer full-time now and this means I’ve had a sudden change in lifestyle. I no longer have an office to go to in the mornings, and I suddenly have all this time to myself. As great as it may sound, it comes with its challenges.

This spring, I vow to make this new lifestyle work by finding some awesome coffee shops to work in, libraries, and when the suns out, parks too. I will find more clients, organise myself, and make this work long term.

Cleaner living:

I’ve been very proud of myself lately because I’ve started eating so many new foods. I’ve cut down on the processed foods and takeaways, and this is slowly going to make a massive impact on my health.

This spring, I will try even more awesome foods, and start to eat much cleaner. Not only that, but more cost-effectively, too.

I’d love to find new restaurants to try out.


This spring will hopefully inject that much-needed life back into me. This means I will be better motivated to achieve my goals. I have a deadline for the book I’m writing, and hopefully I’ll meet it with help from a productive spring.


Similarly, I want to better organise myself so that I can get things done. This means organising my clients’ projects, my own writing tasks, and time for me and my family.

With the sun coming back, I know the days will feel longer and I plan to fill them up as much as possible!

Get outside:

As a writer and introvert, I’m very good at staying inside. However, this is a habit I need to break. Just because I’m a remote worker, doesn’t mean I should cut myself off from society! There’s some awesome people out there for me to meet, and by being out of the house I know I’ll be more motivated, more productive, and more likely to experience life.

It is healthy for the mind and body for us to soak up the outdoors, and therefore I need to make this an active part of my lifestyle.


The last thing I want to do this spring is revamp. I want to revamp my wardrobe. Revamp my writing. Revamp my sites. Revamp my look. Revamp my mannerisms. And generally just try new things!

I don’t want to be just one person. I think I limit myself a lot by thinking I can’t wear this or that. Or that I can’t learn the way I want to. Or that I must be this and not that.


I will still be me (and you, you) even if we try new things. I’d rather try and fail or not like something than not try at all! So, I’m changing my diet, my look, my outlook, and the way I operate. Watch out, world!

This spring, start with motivation in your veins and passion in your heart. You can achieve so much with an idea and a plan (even half a plan). Don’t let others limit you, as long as you’re happy – that’s all that counts. So, sow your seeds early, and watch them sprout.

Happy Spring, everybody!

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