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You’re Too Smart To Generalise So Easily

Here is your first IEG, thought-provoking article.

I thought I’d start off the IEG articles with a fairly “simple” and easy to digest concept.

Racism. Sexism. Sexuality. Religion. Mental Health. And more.

Yeah, not so simple. But today, all I want to talk about is GENERALISATION.

Generalisation is at the root of most of the bad ism’s, I believe. People are prejudice to one race often based on one poor experience, or what they see on the news. People are sexist due to outdated views or general ideas that no longer apply. And people generalise their own “research” to an entire population of people.

This is dangerous thinking.

I used to study psychology at university, and we had to conduct an experiment of our own. We had to select a sample of people, conduct the experiment, and interpret the results. However, what we weren’t allowed to do was generalise. We could say “our experiment concluded that…in such-and-such percentage of our selected sample.” But we weren’t allowed to say that our experiment proved, without a doubt, that the entire world/persons were represented by our sample.


Just because you see “evidence” for your thinking, try not to be so closed minded as to think that there isn’t people out there that could prove you wrong.

For example, you may have had a bad experience with a black person. Maybe they were rude or “too gangster” (*eye roll*) for your liking. Does that really mean all black people are that way? Come on!

You’re too smart to generalise so easily.

We all should be.

So, this post is meant to show you that the “evidence” you think you have about a group of people that then makes you treat those people a certain way, isn’t right or fair to the whole population of people in that group.

Just because you know a stay at home mother, who loves to cook, doesn’t mean you should generalise and push that idea on all women.

Just because you had a bad experience with a certain race or religion, or worse because you see these things on the news, you shouldn’t generalise and think that every member of that race or religion is that way. That’d be incredibly unfair.

Be careful with your generalisations. Open your mind. Don’t seek out evidence that proves your closed-minded thoughts, either. Just be open to people of all walks of life, colours, or creeds. Let them be who they are. The way they live has nothing to do with you unless it hurts you, and even then that doesn’t mean their peers will do the same.

Be kind. Try not to generalise. Please.

And, of course: Inspire. Educate. Guide.

*My IEG articles are meant to inspire thought, reflection and understanding. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just trying to get people thinking in a way they may not have before.*

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