Treat your life like a video game

I was thinking the other day about how our lives are like a video game! Let’s see what I mean…

Pay attention to the health bar

In video games, there is a health bar usually at the top which allows you to see how your character’s health is doing. That drops into the red, and they die! It’s not that dramatic in real life, except, it could be. If we keep ignoring our health (physical, mental, other) we may be doing irreparable damage in the long run.

Instead, let’s learn from video games and keep a constant awareness of our health. Create routines that can act as a check-in for your health in all areas. Journaling to check-in with the mind, doctors visits, stretching, sleep diary, conversations, jogs, etc.

Experience points

Gain experience points if you want to level up. You need to actively try new things in order to gain experience and therefore learn new skills. This helps you to complete the harder levels in the game. The same is true for real life. The more experience you get from trying things and practicing, the more confident and competent you become over time. Confidence and competence creates a happier, more successful you.

Can’t beat the boss straight away

You can’t beat the big boss at the end until you level up. If you start the game and go straight to the big boss level, you will lose! In real life, I hope you don’t have any enemies (lol), instead remember that those big goals or milestones don’t need to be rushed. Take your time. Learn what you need to along the way so you’re better prepared for the big final mission!

Unlock new maps by exploring

In video games, you can unlock new maps by exploring the area. The game is much larger than the missions. Sticking to the path of the story means you miss out on all the extra locations and people you could see around the game. In real life, this means traveling! Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Don’t restrict yourself to the city or country of your home and work. Expand your world map and horizons by exploring the world around you as much as you can.

Don’t create a small world for yourself

Information from others

In games, there are NPCs everywhere (non-playable characters). These characters are important because they give us information about a place, people, or mission. In life, it is easy enough to never speak to people who don’t “matter” to you. These are the people who you don’t work with, love, or care about. But in your workplace, there are people in roles who you never interact with but could be truly awesome people! They could be your best friend waiting to meet you!

Even if you don’t become friends, these people are information waiting to be accessed. They could have amazing stories to share; advice to give; answers to problems you have. Conversations go a long way, and having them with strangers can be invaluable.

Use your tools and skills

As you level up in the game, you will do yourself a disservice if you don’t use the new skills or tools you’ve unlocked. They are there for a reason. Many of us have amazing skills, talents, opinions, and resources that we don’t use or share. You don’t need to monetise these things, but using them for yourself goes a long way. It feels good, for one. But it also means you could take yourself to a new level by doing so.

Don’t hide your talents!

Respawn and try again!

And lastly, if you fail, you can re-spawn and try again. Okay, if you die in this life, I don’t think you come back. But in terms of failure, you most certainly do! We think failure means we will die of embarrassment and never recover. That is just a mindset. If you choose to see failure as a lesson learned, you are well-equipped to get back up and live to fight another day.

Try, fail, try again, fail, try harder, fail again…until you succeed!

Let’s level up and complete these missions! You got this.


S. xx

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