Tired of thinking

I don’t want to keep thinking about how to make my life better. How to live without regrets. How to do it all, have it all. I don’t want to keep stressing over who has what and who is living better than I am.

When does it all stop? When your 20s are over? Or when you’re finally happy? Never?

What if there is no way to have no regrets? Even if you move to Brazil, start your own business and have three beautiful kids, you may still regret not living in Japan for a time, being charitable, and marrying. You just don’t know.

But one thing I do know, the goals and aspirations keep on coming. In the west, we are so materialistic at times and goal-oriented that even if we get what we want, we end up wanting more. The marker moves. Always.

You will always think of something that you wish you’d done, if you think hard enough. So maybe we need to think less.

The future isn’t really a thing. When we get there, we are in the present. The present is now. Always now. And as cheesy and obvious as it is, we drive ourselves mad thinking about the future and how to make it the best we can. All you can do, I’m afraid, if you want less stress, is to just follow your gut/heart/intuition and take the next right step that you can.

It’s tiring. It really is. We can’t craft a great life by thinking about it. You either do or you don’t. Act or don’t act. Thinking about it forever won’t make it better, but worse, most likely.

This is all coming from a chronic overthinker. I don’t want to overthink anymore. So thousand times a year, I have to keep reminding myself that thinking about how things will pan out will not result in a better outcome. Yeah, thinking things through is important, but only to a point. When you find yourself obsessing, just frickin stop!

Go on the trip or don’t. Get married or don’t. Buy the house or don’t. Change career or don’t. Have a baby or don’t.

Most of the time, you get another chance at making things work for you in a different way. If you want to do something that you didn’t do before, then do it now…right? Yeah, it may be harder or maybe impossible, but find another route. Use that overthinking brain to get creative and make things work for you now. That’s how you have no regrets. By realising you can do things at any point. There is no real time limit, for the most part.

It’s okay. Breathe. Do or do not, there is no point in thinking yourself up a storm!


S. xx

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