Things to do instead of being on social media (during those times when being on social media feels like a good idea)

I know it seems like I have a vendetta against social media! I promise I don’t. I just know for a fact that most of us have an addiction to at least one social media app. Mine is Pinterest and YouTube, lately (since deleting Instagram earlier in the year). It’s this need to be constantly engaged in something. Constantly entertained. Never allowed to think our own thoughts…

I believe in doing things with intention. Don’t mindlessly order the takeaway, do it consciously and make that decision with intention. Don’t mindlessly scroll, do so with intention and awareness.

For gods sake, just know WHY you do things!

It’s about healthy relationships with social media and the things we do habitually.

And so, here are some things to do instead of being on social media as much as you probably are…

When we usually go on social media:

  • When we are bored
  • When we first wake up
  • When we are going to bed at night
  • When we are feeling some things we don’t want to feel
  • When we are pooping
  • When we’re in the bath tub
  • When we are commuting somewhere
  • When we feel uncomfortable like in the staff room/break room at work or around strangers
  • When watching tv
  • When we are waiting for something or someone

What to do in those times instead!

  • Read a chapter of a book (if you have the kindle or Audible apps, you can read/listen to books on your phone or iPad or whatever, wherever you are!)
  • Go for a walk mindfully (just walk and breathe and look around)
  • Read a blog post
  • Call a parent, sibling, or friend
  • Complete a puzzle on your phone
  • Exercise and move your body in some way to generate energy
  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast
  • Watch a good thing on tv and actually watch it! (Omg what a concept!)
  • Clean or tidy up your space
  • Do brain teasers
  • Speak to the person you’re in the room with! (Again, what a concept! And speaking from a social anxious POV I get it, it’s hard. We aren’t good at this in the modern age but try it! It might change your life. I once had an AMAZING conversation on the train with a stranger!)
  • Do some Yoga
  • Meditate (there’s an app(s) for that)
  • Do that thing you’ve been putting off doing (you know the thing!)

This was a little humorous but I hope I’m making my point. I get that there are times when social media seems like the only option or the best option to fill your time with but there are much, MUCH healthier options for you to choose from. Options that are good for your mental and emotional health, your relationships, your skills, your spirit, your art, whatever!

And by god, it’s okay to not do ANYTHING for like 5 minutes. I promise, you’ve been lied to. You won’t spontaneously combust!


S. xx

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