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Think About It: Find Your Lifejacket

*Think About It posts are shorter, snippet shares to think about*


In order to survive low times, fear, indirection, uncertainty and the like, it’s important to have a lifejacket.

For me, when I was depressed and when I’ve been unemployed or in a difficult time in life, I’ve only survived it and kept my head above water due to my lifejacket.

My lifejacket(s) are reading and writing.

Having something that brings you joy and is an activity of some sort is a brilliant way to feel productive, happy, and motivated. It’s a way to at least feel like something, even a small thing, is worth waking up for.

Without books (writing them and reading them), my low times would have been much lower.

So, what is your lifejacket? What keeps you afloat like a buoy or a lifejacket? Whatever you need, find your thing and hold on to it to keep you from feeling too low.


Some ideas to consider or explore:

  • Reading
  • Writing (of any kind: blog, poetry, novels, short stories, social media posts, interviews, articles, Thought pieces, etc)
  • Drawing
  • Exercise
  • Walks
  • Nature
  • Singing
  • Sport
  • Design
  • Learning

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