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Are We Supposed to Hate Work?

There are a great many people who think that they are supposed to hate their work. That “work is work” and therefore it’s not enjoyable; it’s just a sad part of life because we all need money.

But is this true? Is this the right way to think?

People with this mindset upset me. They think that there is no work out there that could bring them joy and happiness and fulfilment. That work is supposed to be “work” and that’s all; that work is never fun.

How awful? How sad?

People who say “if you love your work then you’ll never work a day in your life” are also wrong, though. I love writing, and so I love my job, but it is work. It is hard and tiring and frustrating and draining at times.

But I don’t ever hate it.

There’s a middle ground. You can love your job but it can still be hard at times. There’s a sort of spectrum, I guess.

The aim is not to never get stressed or tired or dislike your job; it’s to not hate it.

Hate is a strong word. If you truly hate what you do, then what you do needs to change. You can’t hate something that you spend the majority of your time doing; that’s just not acceptable.

To enjoy a job and be happy with the work, we needn’t love it EVERY DAY. Instead, it should be the majority of the time. To enjoy (or endure) the stress and struggles of it because it’s “worth it” to us.

I don’t love writing every day. Some days, it’s downright awful. But in the long term, I love the work. I love the effort. I know it’s going to be worth it because the greater goal is important to me, fulfilling to me, beautiful to me, and enjoyable to me. So, that gets me through the harder days.


Here’s the spectrum:



If you are at the far left end, and you hate your job, then I’d say this is bad. You should take a look at why you’re doing it, and if there is something else that you could do. Yes, it may take work, education, or difficult life decisions to make these changes, but in the end, not hating your job should be a priority.

If you are at the far right end, and you love your job, that’s amazing! Lucky you. We should all aspire to find something that we love doing, so much so that we go through hard times for it.

If you are indifferent, this isn’t bad or good. However, you may look to set goals and make changes that could help you find a job that you love a little more.

To conclude, are we supposed to hate work? Hell NO!

It is not normal, OK, a part of life, or “just how it is” to hate your job and your work. There’s a vast world out there with millions of job opportunities and work that could be exactly what you’d be good at and love to do on a daily basis.

Your work usually takes up most of your time, so don’t accept something that you hate as an acceptable part of life. It really isn’t. It’ll lead to poor mental health and more. Instead, change can happen. You can find something you love. If you can’t find it, make it happen for yourself.

Good luck, and happy working!


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