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Why Rewatching “Community” Was What I Needed Right Now

Over the last few weeks, I’ve rewatched the comedy show Community which is set in a community college. Seven misfits are brought together in their studies and the show explores their mental health, life choices, identity, relationships, flaws, and futures while on whimsical, ridiculous college-based adventures.

I’ve not been in the best place so far this year, and I think my rewatching Community wasn’t a mistake. It happened for a reason, and here’s why…


Dealing with change

A big part of the show’s narrative is dealing with life changes. Dating, pregnancy, marriage, lost friendships, new courses, and more. I know for sure that I am absolutely rubbish at dealing with change, especially unexpected and unplanned change.

Perhaps Community was showing me that dealing with change is important. Leaning on others, embracing the scary, and doing what needs to be done to get through it.


Fear-based decisions

There are times when the characters make fear-based decisions and suffer the consequences. Luckily, their friends, or circumstances, help them to realise their mistakes. I don’t want to be someone who makes fear-based decisions, but I know that we all do at times. The lesson here was to not allow it to be something I do too frequently.



Throughout the show, the main characters are discovering themselves and exploring themselves. I think university and college is always a time of self-discovery, but this is often in young people. Seeing it with older students is refreshing because I’m almost 24 myself and knowing that it’s OK and normal to not have your life together at any age helps in times of confusion.


Starting over

Each of them is starting their lives over. They are reinventing themselves, allowing themselves to be vulnerable, and trying new things.

It’s scary to basically be starting again in life, and it’s definitely something I can relate to. Seeing them do it, and seeing how it goes, is helpful in reminding me that it’s OK to start again when you need to; even when it is hard.



Most of them do not have a lot of money. They make decisions based on what they need, what they want, and what is right; not in regards to money. Of course, I’m not naive. I know that money is important and it allows us to live safely and happily. But it shouldn’t be the only reason we make certain life decisions.

I’m lucky to still live at home with my mother and be able to take risks without worrying about homelessness or supporting a family of my own. Therefore, I should make decisions without money being at the forefront while I am still able to.


Misfits finding family

It’s no secret that I’m often alone; I don’t have many friends (definitely no close ones), and I’m a little uncomfortable around others. But I do want people in my life. I want special relationships and people I relate to and love. Seeing this misfit group find family in one another is truly special and one of the things I love about the show.

I want that. I need that. So I must be available and open to it.


Following your interests

I love how American universities work because it seems they can choose random courses and modules to study year on year, as long as they major in something. If UK universities were like that, I may have enjoyed it more because I have so many interests.

Watching Community showed me that it’s important to try new things and follow your interests no matter how badly it may go! Trying things out is the only way to know if it’s for you. At this time in my life, perhaps I am in need of some newness.


Second Chances

This show shows that second chances are possible and there’s no need to run away and beat yourself up for your past forever. I may have made mistakes or lost my way at times, but there’s no need to dwell on it. I can give myself a second, third, fourth, or a hundred chances as needed.


Winger speeches about what’s important

Jeff Winger is a character on the show who gives big wrap-up speeches about friendship, morals, life lessons, and so on. They’re profound and insightful and funny; they’re just the best.

Jeff reminds me that no matter the circumstance, all you have to remember is what is truly important and find comfort in that. Give attention and love to that. I can forget what’s important at times, like making myself feel bad for not having a lot of money or not having what others have. This is, of course, ridiculous and not what truly matters.


My love for storytelling

Anyone who has watched Community will know that it plays on the “breaking the fourth wall” of television. The whole conscious of being in a TV show thing. It’s very well done, very clever, and I love it! Seeing it on the screen again has reminded me that I love storytelling of all kinds. I want to learn more about it as a whole.

Developing as a writer and enjoying the process is something I want to dedicate my life to. Community has helped me to remember this, and this will guide me at this transformative, pivotal time in my life.


Things work out with friends

And lastly, the main message of the show is that nothing is impossible with friends. That with good friends and support, you can enjoy life, live life, and thrive. You can deal with anything that comes your way.

I need to find my tribe; my support system; my allies in this life. And together, we can get through anything.


Thanks, Comunity, for these life lessons that I needed to hear right now. And thank you, Universe, for making me think to rewatch it.


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