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When I’m Low…

I hit the snooze button, over and over again.

I snap and lash at my partner and my family.

I eat a lot.

Or not enough.

I procrastinate.

Then I beat myself up for being unproductive.

I cry, a lot.

I tell myself that I’m this and I’m that, only using the ugly words, of course.

I get angry at myself for being this way.

I sit in the dark and the grey.

I wear comfy clothes and don’t bother with makeup or doing my hair.

I put off the “healthy morning routine” of reading, yoga, exercise and meditation.

I feel this dry, stinging in my eyes.

I just want to sleep the day away.

I look at my work or plans for the day and sigh, knowing they’ll go undone.

I hate myself and cry every time a little thing goes wrong.

I watch tv and say, “f*ck it, I don’t care.”

But I do care; that’s the problem.

I care that I’m unproductive.

I care that I woke up late.

I care that I was aiming to do this and that and feel great but I don’t.

I care that I ate those biscuits when I shouldn’t have.

I care that I have a deadline coming up that I want to meet so badly.

I care that it’s 11am and my to-do list has only one tick.

I care too much.

And so I’m angry. So angry.

When I’m low, I’m not me. When I’m low, everything slows down. When I low, all my emotions shoot to the surface. And it feels so overwhelming. And it feels like it’ll last forever.

Luckily, though, it won’t.

It never does.

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