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“Exposed” – creative stream of consciousness/journal entry

I’m not myself. It’s like the skin has been peeled away entirely, leaving exposed muscle and nerves and fragile bones. A simple gust of wind and I feel it all over, rubbing against tight strings of ligament barely holding me together. I ache. How long have I been like this? As fragile as a glass… Continue reading “Exposed” – creative stream of consciousness/journal entry

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An Ode to Writing for the Sake of It

You have always been there to support me, but I think I have neglected you of late. I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to lose my way, but pathways intersect and divert so easily that I became blinded and the destination less clear. I say I don't know who I am but I am a… Continue reading An Ode to Writing for the Sake of It

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“You’re You” – a poem for pride month

How do I say goodbye to the cage I’ve imprisoned myself in? Tongue-tied with truths I’m afraid to speak. Inadequate words for experiences I’ve never had. But feelings so strong I couldn’t possibly deny them. But deny them, I do. What does it mean If she makes me feel something Deep? Come out, come out,… Continue reading “You’re You” – a poem for pride month

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Ode to the socially anxious

Are socially anxious people always acting? Always completing a stage performance? “Lights, camera, action!” every time they leave their home? I deserve an Oscar. Countless times have I stepped up onto the stage of life and performed until I felt weak. Feigning fascination until I feel faint. The mask seems glued to my face now.… Continue reading Ode to the socially anxious

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Powerlessness – a poem

Dry cracked palms pray - For better, better than this. Broken promises pierce pockets Pennies pouring into bottomless pits Foreigners found on shores - Imprisoned. Beautiful black men hands high Bloody. Same-sex Lovers lying in arms Denied. We plead. We pray. We play along... From high white thrones - They cackle. Monstrous men mighty. Footprints… Continue reading Powerlessness – a poem

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Black Lives Always Matter. Black History Always Matters. – poem

As February comes to a close, Making way for the coming of spring I want you to sing of the dead Black boys and black girls. Gospel and grace holds space for their names Their pain our pain forever ingrained In our hearts, our days, our future Untouched by their feet. Because Black lives always… Continue reading Black Lives Always Matter. Black History Always Matters. – poem