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“You Know Nothing” – Poem

You don’t know that character,

From that classic book.

You don’t know about food,

Or even how to cook.


You don’t know the countries,

That sit on our maps.

You don’t know the runners,

That run all those laps.


You don’t know what film

That actor was in,

Or ways to exercise

And get real thin.


You don’t know the person,

Who runs our country.

You don’t know about Anne

Or where she would be.


You don’t know that word,

What does it mean?

You don’t know about laws

Or the things soldiers have seen.


You don’t know about sports,

Who rivals with whom?

You don’t know about logic,

Or what may happen soon.


You don’t know about


Or games and rules,

With poker chips.


You don’t know about science,

How our world came about.

You don’t know about Brexit,

Or why we got out.


You don’t know about animals,

Where they live and what they eat.

You don’t know about America

And their many defeats.


You don’t know their language,

What did they just say?

You don’t about friends,

Or even how to play.


It’s sad, really

All the thing you don’t know.

Why don’t you learn?

Why don’t you grow?


But the things,

They just don’t stick.

How can you learn,

When you’re so thick?


So you sit there,

Head in your hands,

Wishing you could know

About life and love and lands.


About this thing and that,

About wondrous ideas,

Let in knowledge,

Let go of fears.


Because you really should know,

Anything. Something.

But sadly, my child,

You know nothing.

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