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In my 22nd year…

On this, my 23rd birthday, I want to reflect (as I often do) on my 22nd year. What did I do? Where did I go? Did I grow?

Here are the notable things that happened over the last year for me…

Recent (Jan-Apr 2018)

  • Spring Wolf Run completed despite my crappy body.
  • I wrote my manuscript in under 2 months, the WIP that I aim to traditionally published (a Children’s fantasy book that I literally finished yesterday!)
  • Left my content writing position
  • Started working out again
  • Became self-employed, a freelance writer, with my own clients (this is huge and was such a challenge)
  • Got black and grey braids
  • Circus visit
  • Bowling
  • Tried sugar cane
  • Partner moved in with me, and we revamped our room
  • Developed my cooking and eating (a lot)
  • Republished my self-help book
  • Loads of blogging progression
  • 3rd anniversary with my other half
  • London trip to the British Library for the Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition
  • So much anxiety and periods of lowness that I overcame

Earlier (Apr-Dec 2017)

  • Read many books
  • Left Argos/retail finally
  • Became employed as a content writer (first full time office work position)
  • Travelled to South Africa, and lived like a local for 2 weeks
  • African safari
  • Rode a horse
  • Quad bike safari
  • 10 hour packed car ride to Durban beach in South Africa
  • Loads of Africa misadventures
  • Wrote part of a book about my time in Africa
  • Wrote a third of the third book in the Eternity series (my self-published fantasy book series)
  • First couple-only holiday abroad (France)
  • Became friends with my brother’s partner
  • Met my baby cousin
  • YouTube channel changes
  • More driving experience on difficult roads
  • Republished the Eternity series
  • Began to love Chinese food and curries!
  • Hosted a Goodreads giveaway for my books
  • Went to watch Jeremy Kyle (aha)
  • Rage kart driving and air rifle shooting fun
  • Gave blood
  • Watched some awesome films

Here’s to my 23rd year, may it be filled with more progression and exploration and proving myself wrong! Clearly I am capable of a life well lived…

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