Different Ways to Live

There is a multitude of lifestyle options out there in the world. I’ve had so many conflicting feelings in my life since leaving college, and this is because I’ve been torn between what my heart says and what is presented to me in society.

You see, in our western world, we can often get caught up in one lifestyle – the 9 to 5 grind. And for a long time, I too thought this was the only way to live your life. But you know what, it’s not. It doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t make everyone happy.

This got me thinking about all the different ways people choose to live their lives that make them happy, but may not necessarily work for someone else. There really are so many ways to live and yet we seem to feel limited to just one…why?

Here are some ways to live…

  • The 9-5 (full-time work)
  • Part-time work
  • Remote work (work from home or wherever)
  • Office work
  • Outside work
  • Labouring
  • Creative work
  • Managerial work
  • A focus on religion
  • Parenthood
  • Stay at home parent
  • Child-less
  • Traveller
  • Online worker
  • Living with parents
  • Living on parents’ money
  • Driving everywhere
  • Walking everywhere
  • Cycling everywhere
  • Public transport
  • Not leaving the house
  • Always leaving the house
  • Suburban life
  • Always changing your life
  • Living in a flat
  • Living in a house
  • Living in a shed
  • Living in a car
  • Dream chasing
  • Doing what your parents did
  • Doing what your parents wanted
  • Doing what your friends did
  • Spiritual devotion
  • Never leaving your hometown
  • Never staying in one town for long
  • Technology-oriented
  • Never use technology
  • Clean and neat
  • Messy and untidy
  • Education to the furthest extent
  • Not following the education path
  • Self education
  • Self exploration
  • Following your heart
  • Following your head
  • Doing what others say
  • Helping others before yourself
  • Working for free
  • Minimalism
  • Materialism
  • Living for things
  • Living for experiences
  • Saving up for the future
  • Spending for the now
  • Career-focused
  • Family-focused
  • Friend-focused
  • Relationship-focused
  • Health-focused
  • Plotter and planner
  • Go with the flow type
  • 25 careers in a lifetime
  • 1 career in a lifetime
  • Eating the same things every week
  • Always trying new things
  • Risk-taker
  • Staying in the comfort zone
  • Party hard
  • Introverted
  • Extroverted
  • Always fearful
  • Fearless
  • Independent
  • Co-dependent
  • Serious
  • Fun
  • Strive for challenges
  • Looks for trouble
  • Reckless and carefree
  • Self conscious
  • Ignorant
  • In the know
  • Living while you’re young
  • Life after 50
  • Big family
  • No family
  • Lone wolf
  • Pack traveller
  • For the aesthetics
  • For the inner-self
  • Kind to others
  • Indifferent to others
  • Giver
  • Taker
  • Small amount of money
  • More money than you can spend

Just because someone makes different lifestyle choices to you, doesn’t mean they are in the wrong or missing out. As long as everyone is happy and not impacting negatively on others with their life, isn’t it OK that we all just get along and focus on ourselves?

It’s OK to consider another lifestyle choice if you feel like something is wrong or missing in your life. There are many ways to live, not just one.

Share your thoughts!

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