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7 Scary Things in the Eternity Series

Due to it being Halloween and all that, let’s list 7 scary things that are featured in my dark fantasy series…

  1. Demons of the Underworld, appearing in three forms: The Winged, The Imprinted, and The Colossal. Their skeletal and shredded wings, leaking irises, greying skin and dual voices.
  2. Vampires who become skeletal under the curse of the sun.
  3. Gothic Vampire weddings with sacrifices and Demons.
  4. Demon curses and deadly consequences to superhuman abilities.
  5. Beastial, possessive, united Vampires.
  6. Bellemere Kane with the ability to stop someone’s heart. Sphinx with the ability to infect someone. And Immortals with a deadly obsession.
  7. War, death, and bloodshed in abundance…


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