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New Year, Same Me

“New Year, New Me” doesn’t really work because as the clock strikes 12, we don’t actually change. We may have been given a new calendar year, but we are the same people with the same problems and the same bad habits.

I don’t mean to put a damper on the new year. I for one love the blank slate, fresh start idea. However, I also believe in realism. Don’t expect a new year to bring all the good into your life – you still have to work for it.

2017 was a really weird year for me. I can’t decide whether it was “good” or not. Helpful or not. I mean, yes of course it was helpful; if anything, it showed me what I don’t want and what I shouldn’t do.

Despite the confusion, there are a few things that 2017 did bring me that are note worthy, important, fantastic, or grown-inspiring which I’m sharing here to show myself (if nobody else) that even though life may seem dull or unproductive, when you look back, a lot of worthy sh*t actually happened…

  • I became a lover of Chinese food
  • I republished and revamped the Eternity series
  • I wrote a book that I didn’t publish
  • I spoke at a motivational seminar
  • I freelanced
  • I went to South Africa
  • I went on a quad bike safari
  • I went on a normal African safari
  • I went to France
  • I left Argos
  • I got a full time writing job
  • I became a more confident driver
  • I had a fun summer
  • I moved into a new room
  • I quit jobs
  • I started plotting and writing the new book series I hope to pursue next year and in the years to come
  • I started the process of moving in with my partner
  • I rode a horse
  • I learnt some Shona
  • I ate octopus
  • I developed my YouTube channel
  • I was interviewed
  • I hosted a Goodreads giveaway
  • I went for Japanese afternoon tea
  • I made new friends
  • I had good nights out
  • I sold things online
  • I read nearly 30 books
  • I went in the sea (in Durban in South Africa)
  • I went rage kart driving
  • I went air rifle shooting
  • I started to love curry
  • I withdrew my self-help book with the intention to republish it better next year
  • I started eating salmon
  • I went to watch Jeremy Kyle live (and potentially will be on tv)
  • I lived like a local in South Africa
  • I started The Write Way
  • I had my 2nd anniversary
  • I explored France
  • I did Halloweeny stuff
  • I did Christmassy stuff
  • I met my baby cousin for the first time (first baby in the family)
  • I went to my baby cousin’s christening
  • I gave blood
  • I had hair changes
  • I went to the sea life centre
  • I met my brother’s girlfriend
  • I wrote about a third of the third book in the Eternity series
  • I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London
  • I decided to bet on myself.

There’s a lot that I’ve done this year. Though some things may be small and potentially meaningless to other people, they were significant to me and my development. I’m living, I can see that now, and that’s what counts most of all.

So, there’s no “new year, new me” instead I want to be the same me, with a fresh start, because I’m doing just fine.

Last year my motto was “More”. I think that put a lot of pressure on me but yes, I guess, I did do “more”.

This year, my motto is simple – “It’s time.” Time for whatever I want…

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