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When Your Identity is Questioned (podcast)

Are you feeling like you’re not good enough? Like who you are is being examined and questioned? Yeah, same…

I think part of the issue (which I didn’t talk about in the episode because I rushed it, to be honest, is this culture of perfectionism and performance.

Where we want to be, NEED to be, so great at everything we do because we are not worthy and how dare we exist in this modern world if we are not constantly switched on, doing, doing, doing, and proving ourselves to strangers who don’t care about us anyway because they’re all feeling anxiety about themselves and their own lives that don’t stack up!

Wow, yeah, not great.

And breathe!

That if you say you’re a writer, you better be a perfect writer.

If you say you’re a mother, you better be a perfect mother.

If you say you’re gay, you better be a perfect gay!

It’s madness! It’s imposter syndrome, really. And it has to stop. Let people (and yourselves) be who they are and do what they do without question…

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