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Analysing Our Insecurities: Intelligence

This post is a rough analysis of intelligence as a key insecurity that many of us have. I had analysed this for myself by myself first, but I wanted to share because doing so felt very therapeutic and eye-opening. Some of it is in short-form, like a stream of consciousness of ideas to do with… Continue reading Analysing Our Insecurities: Intelligence

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5 More Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Write

I did a previous post about why you're struggling to write, which was a way of sharing all the feelings, realisations, and problems I've had as a writer, too.I've now thought of even more reasons why you may be struggling to write right now, even with the extra time of quarantine... 1 - Your familiarity feels… Continue reading 5 More Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Write

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Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs

Starving Artist Lifestyle Most creatives (unless they come from money) believe that they must go through the Starving Artist phase on their journey to success. Worse still, some believe that this is all an artist can ever be. Wrong! Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) said something in her book Big Magic that I'll… Continue reading Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs