What I want from my life… (journal entry)

Actually, I do want to settle down. I want the beautiful home that welcomes me everyday with comfort and security. I want a husband I trust unconditionally, who supports me and helps me when I’m weak and failing but claps for me when I’m strong and succeeding. I want to meet my children and find out who they are. I want fascinating conversations and cosy nights in with my self-made family unit. Finally, a tribe of my own that gets me and loves me without restrictions.

I want to travel to see beautiful things. I want to take my time to see the world across a lifetime, always knowing there’s something hidden a plane away that will reinvigorate my energy and perspective on life. I want to eat good, clean, delicious foods that make me feel wonderful inside and dance in my chair as I’m eating it. I want to read captivating books that make me lose myself in another world, another life, while educating and inspiring my own life. I want to feel alive, and be reminded of it whenever I forget what that means.

I want to write stories that remind other people what it’s like to be alive, too. I want to craft worlds that captivate and excite even me. I want to feel like the stories are writing themselves and I’m just the middle-man, the helping hand. I want my characters to feel real and raw and fascinating. I want them to be people I know, whose stories I simply share with the world. I want a loyal fanbase of readers who enjoy my storytelling and want to meet me and discuss worlds and characters and ideas with massive nerdy grins on our faces.

I want all this and more. I proclaim it to the universe, to all who want to listen. I’m not asking for much. I won’t need millions in my bank account, although I wouldn’t deny it if it came my way. I don’t need crazy experiences that thrill and chill every month. I don’t need many partners or sexual experiences. I don’t need huge social events or a long list of friends. I don’t need to live on a plane, always going somewhere new and never setting down roots. I just need real good people, real good experiences, and a home that feels like home…

What do you want from life? Have you ever sat back and asked yourself this question? Maybe what you thought you wanted wasn’t the case or has changed recently? Revisit this idea often to help keep you on track, to stop self-sabotaging, and to help you to make the right decisions.


S. xx

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