Social anxiety worsened by the pandemic?

Now that the Western world seems to be going back to some form of normal, not to mention that it is summer, the invites are pouring out!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy that people want to see me. I’m grateful and overjoyed that they seek my company. However, I’m anxious.

Anxious because I always am when it comes to an invite?

Anxious because even though my social anxiety is worlds better than it used to be, it has still been so long since I was out and about socially?

Anxious because I’ve been super busy lately and unlike some people, when it comes to time off, I just want to relax and go inward? (As an introvert who works in a school, I need time to decompress).

I think it’s a mixture of them all.

Again, I’m so grateful. It’s amazing to have people who care about you and want to be around you. I’m so lucky to have people in my life.

I’m just tired. And nervous. And it’s a bit much.

I think it’s perfectly normal even if you have never suffered with social anxiety to feel anxious about social interactions right now. Either anxious because you’re afraid of catching something still. Or anxious about being around people you’ve not seen in a while. Or anxious about the pressures of conversation in general and bridging that gap.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Remember to take it slow if you need to. Remember that those who love you understand. Remember you’re not alone.


  • Don’t overdo it
  • Careful with drinking if you haven’t socially in a while; it might hit you harder than you think!
  • Don’t go just because you feel you have to
  • Do go even if you’re afraid, as you will never get over the fear if you keep hiding away
  • Maybe go out for an hour at first, to test the waters
  • Speak about how odd it feels, maybe your friends or family feel the same way!

Does anyone resonate with this? I’m sure it’s not just me!


S. xx

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