Things that have ACTUALLY changed my life

People online always say things have “changed their life” but it all sounds a bit extreme. Very few things actually change our lives, but here are some things that have without a doubt changed mine.

Cooking proper meals

This is a huge one for so many reasons. It’s helped with my physical health, mental health and bond with my partner, too. It’s a way for us to work on something together and eat something delicious after some hard work. You know the ingredients going into your food so you know how healthy (or not) it is. Plus, I see cooking as therapeutic and when it’s a longer process, you get to be mindful and concentrate on something as you’re doing it. To take things a little slower for once. You get to discover new meals and ingredients and have some damn fun with food, which is massive for me as someone who has struggled with food for most of my life.

Having a dog

My dog Joey is one of the best things to happen to us! He keeps us active; he brings fun into our lives. You can’t help but smile when you’re greeted by him. He’s warm and cuddly. He’s just a bundle of joy in a world that’s felt hard lately.

(I’m not saying to go out and get a pet. There are loads of unloved pets who have been abandoned due to not being wanted long-term.)


I’m still an amateur and I go through periods of not doing it as much, and then periods of doing it daily, but it’s something I can’t imagine not having as a tool in my belt now. I use yoga for a multitude of positive reasons. It’s good for my physical and mental health but in general, you know what, it just makes me feel good! I use it to stretch out the aches and pain, as well as re-centre myself and feel more confident again. It’s improved my flexibility, posture, mental clarity, body pains (shoulders, wrists, hips, back), and even my *sorry, mom* sex life!

Reading daily

It’s only been about 4-5 years that I’ve actively read books. Mad, wrong, awful, I know! But that’s the truth. Before, I’d read every now and then, but now I read every day in some capacity without fail. I read 45 books last year, which is a massive achievement and personal best – the pandemic helped. Reading does more for you than you realise.

It’s educational, routine, calming, gentle, creative, informative, entertaining, fun, gripping, inspiring and more. You learn about cultures and fairy tales and magic. You get to live another life in another world for a few weeks and that’s so wonderful. It’s escapism but also immersive and important, especially in a world that feels unstable.

There you have it, some things that have definitely changed my life and I will always to do them now. I can’t imagine life without these things!


S. xx

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