5 Personal Challenge Ideas to Set Yourself This Year

A good way to focus your year, quarter, or month is to set yourself a challenge. It doesn’t need to be a big challenge, or a particularly hard one. It is just a fun and goal-oriented way to have something productive or healthy to do for yourself.

Remember, this is a personal challenge! It’s up to you what the rules are and you should hold yourself accountable for doing it.

I completed Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga in January and it was a brilliant way to start the year. So, I thought I’d share some ideas for you that I’ve considered myself. Share any other ideas in the comments!

No social media challenge

This one is an important one from my perspective and another challenge I’ve done this year so far. It’s something I challenge myself to on and off often, which I would encourage everyone to try at least once!

It’s healthy to know that you are not addicted to social media. That you don’t NEED it. Because, well, you don’t. Unless it’s for your job, you don’t actually need social media in your life; you WANT it.

You want it because it fills a gap of time, it keeps you from being bored, it helps you see interesting things, and you get to stalk people! But really…aside from some inspiration and yes, connection to interesting people all over the world, it’s not something we need in our lives so much.

So, take a break. Reevaluate what you use it for and if it even serves a purpose. Prove that you don’t need it! Give yourself time to think and be bored and do more with your time!

No buy challenge

This is a new idea to me but I’ve seen some YouTubers trying to do no buy years and it’s an intriguing idea! This is for anyone who wants to save some money and/or work on your spending habits. We can be big consumers here in the Western world who buy, buy, buy without intention.

I’m someone who wants more of an intentional lifestyle, where I act with purpose and awareness, and so this is something I’d like to try, perhaps next month! (A no-buy month, not year!)

  • Don’t buy any new books for a year, quarter, month
  • Don’t buy any new clothes for a year, quarter, month
  • Don’t buy any new takeaway foods for a year, quarter, month

No meat/ vegan/veggie meals challenge

The next one is again something I will try at some point soon. I think it’s important for us all to try to eat more vegetables! I won’t say how or tell you what to think. I just know that these are some short but hard facts to consider: plants are good for our bodies and our planet. Simple!

So, why not try a challenge that helps you to push yourself to eat more plant-based? Here are some ideas:

  • One week of veggie meals a month
  • One day of veggie meals a week
  • Meat in the week, veg at the weekend (or vice versa)
  • No dairy Mondays
  • One month of vegetarian meals
  • Pescatarian meals only (still eat fish, but cut other meats)
  • Only eat chicken, turkey and fish (not red meats, which are worse for you)

Reading challenge

You could set yourself a reading challenge this year! Some people do this naturally, others have never tried it. I’ve done this for the last few years and it’s good to have a goal. It doesn’t just have to be a set number of books. There are many book challenges and timeframes you can use to push your reading further.

Here are some ideas:

  • Read X number of books in a new genre to you this year (mystery, romance, erotica, historical, non-fiction, poetry)
  • Read 24 books this year (2 a month)
  • Read a book a week for a month
  • Read a book longer than 500 pages
  • Read books suggested by others
  • Read all non-fiction for a month or quarter
  • Read all fiction for a month or quarter
  • Read books by non-white authors

30 Days of Yoga (or other activity) challenge

And lastly, as I mentioned earlier, the yoga challenge! Luckily, Adriene has done many 30 days of yoga challenges that you can hop on any time of year. There are ones on other people’s YouTube channels, too.

Perhaps yoga isn’t your thing (though I encourage everyone to give it a real try; it’s so inclusive and good for you!). If so, why not challenge yourself to 30 days of dance workouts? 30-day ab-shred. 30 days booty buster! 30-day jogging challenge. 30-day pilates, weights, squats, and so on…

There are a plethora of 30-day (or longer or shorter) exercise-related challenges out there for you to try and the great thing about a set challenge online is that you feel accountable and like you need to show up. You will see results from the consistency.

Disclaimer: Be careful! Do what is appropriate for your life and body. Also, don’t get discouraged because you don’t see results like promised by some influencers. Everyone’s body is different, and that’s not the point! The point is to show up for yourself and feel good doing it.

BONUS CHALLENGE: 30 days of journaling! Here are some journal prompts.

There you go, some challenge ideas for 2021! Let me know what you’re thinking about doing! Good luck and remember this is about you and for you, not anyone else.


S. xx

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