Goal Ideas Based On Different Categories of Life (Self-Growth and Intentions)

Firstly, let me say that I put goals because everyone knows what goals are but I tend to veer from this idea lately. Goals feel like to-dos that you tick off or beat yourself up for not ticking off. Instead, I prefer the words intentions or ideas or vibes or themes or focuses. Something to think about, really, as goal-setting is all well and good and it totally depends on your personally how you do this but also consider how those words or the phrasing of your goals make you feel.

Secondly, 2020 has taught us that goals can be laughable! They can be completely thrown to the wind when it’s something that’s dependent on the state of the world or the actions of others! So, bear that in mind, too.

Here we go then, some categories and 10 goals (intentions) that you considers for 2021 for each one. (Some will go hand-in-hand, of course. Like mental health and physical health, because health is all interconnected.)

Mental Health

  1. Journal your thoughts and feelings
  2. Slow down instead of rushing through everything
  3. Focus on and pay attention to your breath
  4. Organise yourself better (for peace of mind!)
  5. Delete social media regularly for mind breaks
  6. Speak to your loved ones about your day, your feelings, your thoughts
  7. Learn more about emotions and psychology
  8. Find and maintain a self-care (calming/healing) toolkit for you to trust and use regularly
  9. Re-evaluate your support system and cut out those who are adding to your stress without relieving it
  10. Learn about and track your sleep routine and hygiene to improve your rest

Physical Health

  1. Walk more
  2. Drink more water
  3. Purposely raise your heart rate and get your sweat on routinely
  4. Stretch your body hourly
  5. Listen to your body when it speaks and get it checked out (pains, aches, bowel movements, reactions)
  6. Work to love your body (look at yourself naked, dress it well, be kind to it)
  7. Eat less meat (make it a challenge)
  8. Take up a sport or class (join a team or community)
  9. Have fun moving your body with less obvious forms of exercise (dance, swimming, climbing, yoga, etc.)
  10. Learn about and implement skin care, hair care, and teeth care routines

Financial Peace

  1. Create a saving account for a trip away
  2. Savings account for emergencies (and don’t touch it!)
  3. Savings account for a big investment (house, car, whatever)
  4. Learn more about how to invest your money
  5. Start budgeting better (tracking your money, setting tighter budgets to make your money go further)
  6. Change banks or savings accounts to get more interest and savings on your money
  7. Get a credit card/ improve your credit score (wisely!)
  8. Ask for a raise/ upskill so you can ask for a raise
  9. No-Buy challenge (where you challenge yourself to not buying clothes, or books, or takeout, or something for a period of time)
  10. Talk openly about money with love ones and friends (you can help one another do better!)


  1. Make a point of calling family members and friends more often
  2. Call, text, video call people on your commute or when walking the dog
  3. Write letters to people you love
  4. Have hard or deep conversations to bridge connection
  5. (Once we can) meet up for dinners with loved ones every other week
  6. Spend more time with your household (without phones, TV or distractions)
  7. Spend less time complaining (complaining and discussing your feelings or problems are two different things)
  8. Spend more time with friends (if it’s always family, or vice versa)
  9. Let people in on your dreams, goals, and passions so you can share the experiences
  10. Work on active listening skills and take an interest in the lives of others

Life Skills

  1. Learn how to sew, knit, or generally care for and upcycle your clothing
  2. Learn a new language (without the goal of being fluent! Just have fun learning new phrases through YouTube or an app)
  3. Learn how to be a better conversationalist
  4. Read more books or in new genres than you usually would
  5. Read or watch channels that teach you new things about science, history, or the world (Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is a great start)
  6. Get away (as far as you can) when we can travel again
  7. Challenge yourself with new games or puzzles or to learn new words
  8. Learn about sustainability, the environment, and conscious consumption
  9. Learn more about sex and pleasure
  10. Learn how to cut and style your own hair (saves you money on always getting it done!)


  1. Write more (online, in a journal, to friends, poetry, stories, whatever)
  2. Colour and draw
  3. Redecorate your space (home or office)
  4. Upcycle your stuff
  5. Check out Pinterest boards for inspo on your space, hair, and clothing for a new style change
  6. Learn how to play an instrument
  7. Create a collage, scrapbook or Pinterest boards for inspo and create ways to do vision boards or collect moments of your life
  8. Read books (or watch videos and shows) about the area of creativity that you want to improve on
  9. Plant flowers or vegetables and learn how to grow them
  10. Get curious, experimental and free with anything you create


  1. Read outside your comfort zone
  2. Watch the classics and critically acclaimed films
  3. Watch films and TV shows with more representation of non-white people, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community
  4. Try audiobooks
  5. Watch TV and YouTube more consciously; with more intention and purpose
  6. Ask for recommendations from others
  7. (Once we can) see new releases in the cinema
  8. Decide to be less invested in celebrities and their lifestyles
  9. Analyse stories and how they work
  10. Tailor your content and entertainment consumption to inspire you (watch new films and TV, follow better accounts on Insta and YouTube etc.)

Happy New Year! Good luck!


S. xx

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