You Have Had Gifts All Along

People seem to think that gifts, strengths, talents, superpowers are supposed to be something that they have that most others don’t. But that’s false.

Gifts can be popular.

Say your superpower is being a good parent. There are plenty of good parents but that doesn’t mean it’s not a superpower of yours. It doesn’t mean it should be something that you’re not proud of for yourself.

We need to stop looking for some big unique great thing about us and start finally noticing the things that we are great at already. Big or small, impressive or not.

You could be a great writer. A great conversationalist. A great empath. A great organiser. A great friend. A great party-pal. A great cook. A great fashionista. A great silver-tongued liar. A great tech geek…

These are all valuable, important things to be; great skills or talents to possess.

When we compare our gifts to others, we lose sight of how important they are. When we wish for something better or more impressive, we steal from the wonders we possess right now.

Being an incredible singer is all well and good, but it doesn’t really help for everyday life, does it? Instead, being a great conversationalist is a wonderful life skill to have. It means you will make friends with ease, talk yourself out of a speeding ticket, create connection and new opportunities for yourself, and never be lonely or bored!

Being a great mother means you will always be there for your children, they will trust and adore you, you will take care of people by nature, and people will seek comfort in your arms. That’s powerful. That’s beautiful.

We all make a mistake by searching for something big and wonderful about ourselves or our lives, when in reality, we all possess pretty great gifts, talents, skills, and superpowers that we use every day without being aware of it.

This is why mindfulness, self-awareness, and presentness helps so much. You are awake to the truth about yourself and your life.

So, today I want you to stop:

  • Comparison
  • Feeling like you don’t have anything great inside of you
  • Demanding something spectacular happen
  • Complaining

And start:

  • Noticing what you’re good at today
  • What comes naturally to you
  • How people feel around you
  • What makes you feel good to do or say

Before you know it, you will see your gifts for what they are. Now it’s time to love them and use them for good.


Comment below with what your “newfound” gifts are…


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