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Looking Back At Past Creations

When looking back at your old work, you can feel upset. Disappointed in what you thought was good back then. Some look back and compare and are like "I'm so glad I'm better now" or they look back and cringe and get annoyed. Neither really works. We should instead look back and see our journey… Continue reading Looking Back At Past Creations

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Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs

Starving Artist Lifestyle Most creatives (unless they come from money) believe that they must go through the Starving Artist phase on their journey to success. Worse still, some believe that this is all an artist can ever be. Wrong! Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) said something in her book Big Magic┬áthat I'll… Continue reading Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs

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Why I Write Books: World Book Day Inspired

Know myself A lot of people become writers because they're avid readers first. Not me. I only became a big reader later in life. I read when I was younger, but not much. I'm actually ashamed of how little my have-read pile is compared to the must-read pile. I love TV and film and I… Continue reading Why I Write Books: World Book Day Inspired

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Other Things to Study As A Writer

We all know the obvious subjects for study if you aim to be a writer: English, Literature, Language, and Creative Writing. There are also the more specific ones, like Journalism, Marketing, and Screenwriting. But what other areas of study could we benefit from? What could enhance our writing and creation of ideas in ways these… Continue reading Other Things to Study As A Writer

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Guest Blog Posts Wanted!

Are you a mental health, lifestyle, or personal development blogger? Do you want to write a piece for my site? Would you like to do a guest blog exchange? Here's how!   Write a piece less than 1,500 words on mental health or life It can be a previously published piece, as long as it… Continue reading Guest Blog Posts Wanted!