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The Three Morals of My Current Story

My current work in progress is a novel about five young artists at an art school (university) in England. They've all got their fair share of problems and at the school, they are able to confront these and finally better their lives. I wanted the theme of Identity to be at the centre of the… Continue reading The Three Morals of My Current Story

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Other Things to Study As A Writer

We all know the obvious subjects for study if you aim to be a writer: English, Literature, Language, and Creative Writing. There are also the more specific ones, like Journalism, Marketing, and Screenwriting. But what other areas of study could we benefit from? What could enhance our writing and creation of ideas in ways these… Continue reading Other Things to Study As A Writer

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Rethinking the Strong Female Character

It is great that nowadays we are seeing more female heroes in books, film, and TV. However, I don't think (and many agree) that the strong female character is actually doing what it's supposed to do. Let me explain. A strong female character is supposed to show young girls, and even women, that they can… Continue reading Rethinking the Strong Female Character

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My Writing Services Explained

Blogging services: £25 per post* (provided it is less than 1,500 words) I can do as many as you need in a week (as long as I have the scheduling time) Mental health-related or lifestyle and personal development blog posts preferred as it is my niche and area of expertise. I can work independently (coming… Continue reading My Writing Services Explained

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Let’s Work Together to Make Lives Better!

This year, I am taking my business strictly in the direction that I want it to go: into the mental health community. When I say "Mental Health", I mean all areas of mental wellness for all. As you can see from my site, I love to share any information, tips, and advice that I have… Continue reading Let’s Work Together to Make Lives Better!