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Poem for mom on her birthday

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Each mistake a lesson forged by my shaking hands.

But there’s someone very special,

Who holds my hands when they shake.

My mother.

Oh, mom. You angel, you.

The burdens you bear,

The fear you withstand,

The trials you’ve suffered.

Don’t you know how strong they’ve made you?

Never has there been a day when you were weak. Not ever; not really.

Again and again, you’ve stared into the red eyes of the beast,

And told him, “not today.”

And how grateful I am that you stare down my beasts with me, too.

Telling them, “not my daughter, not today.”

And so today, on your birthday, I say to you:

Remember your strength.

Remember your power.

Remember that there is no greater force than that of a mother.

And just like Lily Potter, time and time again your motherly love has protected your three children.

Time and time again your magic has supported, cared for, and encouraged us to be better.

You are my strength. You are my comfort. You are my reason for carrying on through the trials of life.

I hope you see that. I hope your hands stop shaking. I hope you get the rewards that you’ve been waiting for…

Happy birthday, you warrior ❤️

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