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The Universe is Working its Magic

Things are coming together in my life. It’s not like I’m in an AMAZING place, but I’m in a good place and I feel like the universe is putting things into place, in this wonderful order that will bring the necessary change I’ve been seeking…

  • I am a new self-employed worker so my financial situation isn’t great. This means I’m forced to live within a new set of means. This means being frugal. This has helped me to finally start being more minimal because I literally can’t buy more things!
  • I have also put on weight. This isn’t good, but I see what the universe is doing. I’m not at a weight that I want to be, and so I don’t see the point in buying new clothes to suit this size that I don’t want to be. And so, I’m not buying new clothes! This is great to help my minimal living desires. It also pushes me to lose the weight, so that eventually I can buy clothes that fit the size I want to be, and by then I’ll be enjoying the minimal living and so I’ll only buy clothes that genuinely are “necessary” or spark joy.
  • The lack of money is good for my health, too. I literally can’t afford takeaways, so I’m cooking like I’ve always wanted to do. I’m trying new things. I’m buying fruit and veg which is more affordable than other foods.
  • Being forced to be frugal has helped me to get serious about my money. I now track my money regularly. I spend less on rash items. I never online clothes shop. I look for the cheaper options, like I used to buy the paperbacks of whatever book I was interested in. But now, I ask myself if I’m 100% going to read it. I then check if it’s cheaper on Kindle. I also check if it’s available on World of Books, an online second-hand bookshop. My new situation, though hard, has helped me be smarter with my money.
  • Being self-employed has made me great serious about time management.
  • Being self-employed has helped me to finally set the lifestyle I want, and develop habits that I’ve wanted for years but have never been able to cultivate.

So, the universe is working its magic. I heard me say “I want to change my lifestyle” and so it’s working to provide that for me this year. One thing is leading to another and another in a beautiful, life changing chain of events.

All of these things coming together like this is helping my mind to heal and grow. This has been a big thing that I’ve wanted for so long…

Thank you, universe, for your magic. I’m grateful, I’m ready, and I’m aware.

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