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Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

Before you give yourself to another,

You first must love,


But we don’t, do we?

Not really. Not enough.

Maybe we like ourselves,

Sometimes. Maybe.

But not as much as we

Hate ourselves.

We hate ourselves by,

Comparing our lives to others,

Hiding our true identity,

Telling ourselves we aren’t good enough,

Not giving our best every time,

Going out in our frumpy clothes everyday,

Eating bad foods,

Working crap jobs,

Letting people walk all over us,

And never standing up for ourselves.

Well, no.

This Valentine’s Day –

I want you to love you.

To really love you.

Because you’re amazing.

It doesn’t matter what happened,

In the past; you’re a different person now.

Give yourself a break.


You got this!

This Valentine’s, do something special for yourself.

Take yourself on a date.

Wine and dine yourself.

Because you are you for the rest of your life.

So, enjoy yourself.


Before committing yourself to someone else and giving yourself entirely to another person – think about the person that you are. Do you love yourself first? Are you loveable? The answer is yes, if only you see yourself as best.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️

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