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Amsterdam Trip Part 1: High Vibes

Hotel Luxury The flight to Amsterdam last week was easy-breezy. It's for this reason that my boyfriend and I said we will definitely be going back more than once. As soon as we arrived, we fell in love. We loved the bikes, the public transport, the leaves and pumpkins all around, the misshapen buildings, the… Continue reading Amsterdam Trip Part 1: High Vibes

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Exploring the Colossal City of Rome

Rome is a destination on nearly everyone's list of "places to visit" because of the Colosseum (amongst other things). In fact, it's always been one of the iconic monuments that I've always wanted to set eyes on, to remind myself of how amazing this world and the people in it can be - with all… Continue reading Exploring the Colossal City of Rome

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“How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 5

  Chapter 5 What I Was in For It seemed it wasn’t OK for me to hide in that back room forever though, where me and my tears could be left in peace. Instead, I had to get up and “bathe,” as they called it. You’d think this would excite me after the long, tiring… Continue reading “How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 5

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“How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 I Can’t Do This It was so funny when amidst the sea of Zimbabweans flooding toward me, I saw Patrick’s nan (so named Gogo, meaning grandmother in Shona) rushing with open arms, saying “Siana, I love you!” She by-passed her own daughter and grandchildren in order to embrace me! How great is that!… Continue reading “How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 4