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“How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 I Can’t Do This It was so funny when amidst the sea of Zimbabweans flooding toward me, I saw Patrick’s nan (so named Gogo, meaning grandmother in Shona) rushing with open arms, saying “Siana, I love you!” She by-passed her own daughter and grandchildren in order to embrace me! How great is that!… Continue reading “How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 4

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“How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 We Arrive There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need someone. For some reason, in our society it’s a crime to admit you’re human and that you feel things. But yeah, I needed my boyfriend at that moment. Would I have gotten on the plane if he wasn’t there? I can’t know the answer… Continue reading “How Africa Changed Me” – Chapter 3