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Safe places to escape to when the world is too unjust and cruel to handle right now

Many of us are saddened by the news of the racism faced by the England team after their defeat against Italy on Sunday night. I won’t give those bigoted cowards any more attention, but I will say that they are, as a friend said, the few but we are the plenty…

If like me you’re feeling emotionally exhausted once again, here are some ways to escape and fill your cup again.

  1. Watch some anime (it never fails to make me feel good and pumped to fight against crazy weird enemies! I’m currently watching My Hero Academia and Seven Deadly Sins)
  2. Watch your favourite feel good tv show (Brooklyn 99, Parks and Rec, Community, Kim’s Convenience, Friends, Bobs Burgers etc)
  3. Cuddle up with your pet or partner or mom or sister or dad or bestie (or form a massive cuddle party!)
  4. Work out and work off the bad energy (I did an awesome MMA style work out and it made me feel powerful which is what we need right now)
  5. Yoga (work through the toxic energy)
  6. Meditate (a focused guided meditation is best in these times)
  7. Journal (dump all that heavy mental shiz onto the page)
  8. Cook something mindfully and enjoy it’s deliciousness
  9. Read your favourite book (HP heal my soul!!)
  10. Wear something or style your hair in a way that makes you feel sexy and badass
  11. Write a list of things that you’re grateful for and that you think are beautiful about life
  12. Sit in nature
  13. Listen to some awesome feel good tunes and dance like no one is watching
  14. Write something funny, cool, magical or weird and lose yourself in that creative space (fan fiction writing is perfect for anyone and they’re super fun!)
  15. Play a game
  16. Do a challenge or quiz of some sort to refocus your mind
  17. Have a calming aromatic bath
  18. Call your mom
  19. Clean your space (it’s calming and productive and will feel like you’re clearing your mind, too)
  20. Read articles about awesome people doing awesome things that restore faith in humanity ❤️🙌🏽 (thank you to these people)

Things I’d advise you NOT to do right now:

  • Go on social media more to see what’s happening
  • Check the news (it will be depressing and disappointing I’m sure)
  • Drink alcohol or take drugs
  • Watch triggering tv shows
  • Watch or read triggering content of any sort to do with racism, war, injustice etc
  • Overeat
  • Let yourself sit in your hateful thoughts, the enemy wins if you turn their hate into your hate

Take care. Well done England team. Don’t let hate turn you bitter. We are the plenty.


S. xx

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