Book Format Comparisons: Kindle, Paperback, or Audiobook?


(or other e-Readers)


  • Can store millions of books without worrying about space
  • Can’t decide which book to bring on vacation? Your Kindle has a horde ready and waiting on one device.
  • Easier to hold than a heavy book or a book that you don’t want to ruin the spine of
  • Can highlight and bookmark pages without ruining the book
  • Most likely cheaper to buy than other formats
  • Easily stored and transported


  • Can run out of battery and have to charge it (though, that’s like all tech, so shouldn’t we be used to that by now?)
  • Don’t experience the turning of the page or the feel of a book
  • Can’t easily, physically see how far you’ve got left to read (though sometimes this is a good thing; less off-putting)
  • Can’t lend your books to your friends
  • People don’t know what you’re reading so there are no conversation starters in public
  • Can be easy to buy too many books, because you can’t physically see how many books you have




  • The smell of a book
  • The feel of a book
  • People know what you’re reading when out in public so you can bond over shared interests
  • Can easily lend a book to your friends
  • Easy to flick through for information or other chapters
  • You are consuming the book the way it was originally intended to be consumed
  • A full bookshelf looks beautiful
  • Knowledge can be displayed in your home


  • More expensive than Kindle books/ebooks
  • May run out of storage space at home for all your books
  • They get dusty
  • Must be careful when reading or carrying them if you wish to keep them in near-perfect condition
  • Sometimes awkward (and painful) to hold
  • Reading physical copies of books means you can accidentally read the names of things wrong




  • Can listen/read wherever, whenever
  • Can multi-task while reading so it’s effortless
  • Great for those who can’t read or aren’t strong readers
  • Learn new words and actually know how they are accurately pronounced by hearing the narrator say them
  • It’s like watching a film in your head when the narration and production is done well
  • Again, can store many books without worrying about physical space
  • Great way to read books and learn new things even if you are a busy person


  • No physical copy of the book
  • Can’t highlight or bookmark passages
  • Not practising actual reading skills
  • May not know the spelling of names or places in the book because you can’t see it written down
  • Could be a great book really, but the narration could be poor and that ruins the experience
  • Sometimes you can have divided attention when listening instead of physically reading and so you miss things
  • Have to pause and go back to try to reread parts which can be fiddly and annoying


Which do you prefer?

No matter how you read, reading is an important part of life. I encourage everyone to do it, however best suits them. I will always encourage reading as a natural part of life for all people because it is so important for health, mentality, education, understanding, communities, and happiness. I never used to read much when I was younger, so I’m playing catch-up now, and that’s OK! No matter who you are, where you live, or how you grew up, try reading on for size and give it a chance; it’s life-changing.

Happy reading!

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