What 4 Years Together Has Brought Us

Here’s what 4 years with my partner has looked like… (Anniversary inspired post)

  • Travelled to 5 countries together: South Africa, France, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands.
  • Many road trips
  • Both attending university, one of us finishing.
  • He’s owned two cars, and driven about 7! I’ve driven 2.
  • Quad biking in Africa.
  • Horse riding in Africa.
  • Go-karting in Africa.
  • Safari experience in Africa.
  • Parasailing in Portugal.
  • Boat rides and canal rides.
  • Been on the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum.
  • Swinging from Europe’s Highest Swing.
  • Got high in Amsterdam.
  • Got full-time office jobs and our first “big” wages.
  • Gave blood together
  • Supporting each other through the ups and downs of pursuing careers and education.
  • Got a puppy!
  • Moved in together (at my mom’s house)
  • Glamping in Lancashire
  • Meeting each other’s family and friends (and there’s loads!)
  • Teaching each other languages and other personal knowledge.
  • Watched more movies and awesome tv shows than we could count.
  • Tattoos done together.
  • Working out together.
  • Getting fat together!
  • Wolf Run (10k obstacle run) completed together.
  • Outdoor cinema experience.
  • Shot air rifles and drove dirt bikes.
  • Supported one another’s close family members.
  • Explored new foods and learned how to cook.

I am so proud of us and looking back, we’ve experienced so much! I can’t wait to see what the future holds…

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