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Welcome, New Years…

I can’t wait to meet our dog.

The scruffy, fluffy, bundle of


That will make our house

A home.

I can’t wait to meet

The fans I’ve yet to gain.

Book lovers and movie go-ers,

That will scream and hype over

The stories I tell.

The ideas they’ll have

Of the characters

I brought to life.

I can’t wait to dance with you,

My love,

Eyes watching intently

Tears, inevitably, in my eyes;

Our vows ringing in my mind.

My pretty white dress

Will be unparalleled.

I will be more than a princess.

More than a queen.

And you, of course, will be my


My African king.

I can’t wait to meet our children,

They too will be


Not because we are anything


But because they will take on the


And shape it. Make it.

What brilliant things

Will my sons and daughters teach me?

What will they know?

What will they do?

Where will they go?

I must slow down.

That is, I think, a far future.

But it is our future.

And I can’t wait to see it.

To feel it.

To be in it,

With you.

The future used to scare me,

To the point of fits of tears.

But how can a future be scary?

When all it is is years,

With you?

How can a future be scary,

When it holds the unknown?

The unknown is everything.


Endless possibilities,

And that,

My love,

Is not scary.


My love,

Is a burning life yet to be lived.

And so, as we reach the


I greet the new year,

As a welcomed friend.

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