Achievements of 2018

Here is my list of achievements, notable moments, out-of-my-comfort-zone accomplishments, and intentional living accomplishments of 2018…

  1. Spring Wolf Run*
  2. Wrote the Elle Evans book 75k middle-grade fantasy novel*
  3. Wrote the Demon Child (first draft, November) 50k middle-grade fantasy novel*
  4. Went away to Portugal: Faro, Sagres, Albufeira, Lagos*
  5. Went away to Italy: Rome, Vatican*
  6. Went away to the Netherlands: Amsterdam*
  7. Left my office writing job*
  8. Became self-employed*
  9. Read 24 books (including some audiobooks)
  10. Decluttered my space a lot; sold things online, gave to charity
  11. Entered the Pitch Wars writing competition*
  12. Twitter pitched for PitMad, KidPit, and DvPit
  13. Queried my book (Elle Evans) to two literary agents; one read my 50 pages before rejecting*
  14. Started my podcast*: What I Know So Far
  15. Developed my website*; produced weekly content for my readers on my blog
  16. Developed my diet and cooking*; expanded my tastes
  17. Went on Europe’s Highest Swing in Amsterdam*
  18. Parasailed over the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal*
  19. Got on a boat (twice) for the first time in like 10 years (I get sea-sick)
  20. Went on Amsterdam’s canals
  21. Got high for the first time (legally, in Amsterdam!)
  22. Celebrated the holidays and seasons intentionally
  23. Won NaNoWriMo
  24. Worked from a coffee shop and the library for the first time (overcoming my fear to do so)
  25. Went to see Kevin Hart perform
  26. Saw two outdoor cinema screenings
  27. Gained a client in the niche I enjoy (mental health and wellbeing)*
  28. Living with my boyfriend*
  29. Visited the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios tour in London (for the third time) but this time in the snow!
  30. Republished my self-help book*
  31. Saw that my self-help book is actually being sold in Waterstones’ online store*
  32. Sold books around the world*
  33. Saw the Circus
  34. Gave blood
  35. Met Tomi Adeyemi, talked about Pitch Wars and got my copy of Children of Blood and Bone signed!
  36. Visit the British Library in London for the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit
  37. Saw The Lion King in theatre
  38. Learned so much about the writing community and book publishing industry*
  39. In December, I started to take my health and fitness more seriously. I’ve done my research, got my gym buddies, and a plan in place *fingers crossed*

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