The Secret to Success in All Areas of Life

…is P-ing all over the place.

That’s right, p-ing. You need to focus on and harness these Ps in life and you will never go wrong

Persistence – the only way to win is to keep on going. The water cuts through the rock with persistence above all else.

Patience – with persistence comes patience. Your journey won’t always be clear and there will be scary times, hard times. But patience in the journey will take you further than the rest. Good things take time.

Perseverance- in life, and definitely in the pursuit of your dreams, you’re going to face setbacks. There will be a lot of punches and kicks trying to stop you and beat you down. You can’t let this keep you down for long, though. The successful of us have been through some really tough times, but they persevered.

Pride – take pride in your appearance, your heritage, your achievements, your struggles. Walk with your head high and be proud of yourself; celebrate yourself. But never forget to be humble, too.

Power – powerful people make changes in the world and in their lives. The thing is, we forget that we all have power inside us. If you have a vision and a dream, then never forget that you have the power to make it happen. Recognise and harness your inner power. Give it all you’ve got.

Practice – practice makes perfect. Practice is for all of us, even those who think they’re experts. We all need to practice our craft, practice patience and self love, and practice gratitude above all else. Practice will keep us alert, strong, happy, and connected to our goals.

Perfection – to reach perfection, we must let go of the idea that it even exists. Perfection is recognising that you’re imperfect, but that it doesn’t matter. Love yourself in your entirety, work on your weaknesses, but value your strengths. You are perfect the way you are.

Prevention – prevention techniques are a good way to never fall completely flat on your face. Self love is a good example of this. If we have continuous routines of self love and strengthening the mind and body, then when the inevitable pitfalls of life come along, we will be able to remain strong because we’ve prevented our own collapse due to always working on ourselves. We will then be in a stronger state of mind to pick ourselves up and form a new plan.

People – find your people. Successful people, happy people, have good people around them. People who help them, love them as they are, and encourage them to strive to be their best self. Surround yourself with likeminded, goal driven people.

Protection – protect yourself from negativity, wrongdoing, procrastination (a naughty P word), and bigheadedness. Have a bubble around you to swat those bad things away. Don’t let those things seep into you and ruin everything you’ve worked for.

Privacy – keep your personal life and goals private. The most successful people do less talking and more acting on their dreams. Don’t speak about everything on social media. Hold the cards close to your chest.

Pizzazz – life is no good without a little pizzazz. Without magic and beauty, life is dull. The same should go for your life. Actively sprinkle some pizzazz in your life and you’ll never grow bored of it.

Pause – it’s okay and important to take breaks and breathe. Don’t over-exert yourself.

Play – never forget that with hard work comes play. Make time for it. It’s healthy for us to play as well as work hard. Those who only work hard, are bound to fall at some point from fatigue – or worse, they’ll lose friends and realise that in all their hard work, life got left behind. Instead, live and play whilst you’re climbing your mountain.

Pray – it doesn’t have to be to any god. It’s up to you how you want to do it. But the only way to manifest your dreams and wishes is to speak them into existence. Say the words. Ask the universe for its help and guidance. Every step of the way, speak it. What’s next? What’s the next lesson? The next milestone? Seek guidance and protection from a greater force.

Some Ps to avoid:

Pretending – don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not. Be you. Own where you are and then work to be somewhere else if that’s what you want.

Procrastination – get it done now, stop waiting for tomorrow. There’s no better time than now!

Projection – don’t project your negativity onto others, or let them do it to you.

Popularity – don’t confuse popularity with success. Being popular isn’t necessarily a good thing. Seek respect and happiness over popularity.

Plugging-in – unplug! Live life!

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