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Introducing My IEG Articles

Hey guys, those who follow my blog may have noticed that I write about a lot of different things. What can I say? I’m an interesting person, with many interests! This extends to my writing, too. I like to write about many things, mostly things that inspire thought in others.

Enter, IEG.

The IEG articles that I will post on here, on occasion, will be about serious social topics. They may be interviews with real people; my own thoughts; or research I’ve gathered with an aim to educate.

IEG stands for Inspire. Educate. Guide.

Any IEG articles that I post, will aim to get my readers thinking in a way that they may not have done previously. I really want to influence the world, and I believe that the younger generation have a very important job to do – open their minds more than their ancestors did.

IEG will aim to open minds.

Of course, some articles may be considered controversial. They may entice discussion. They may even anger people, but I know those people will probably be the closed minded ones amongst us.

I will say this: I do not aim to offend anyone. Never, ever. I consider myself to be an open minded person, and of course if I ever get my facts wrong, educate me, don’t belittle or try to upset me.

With IEG, I aim to help people find a new way of thinking, not change their thoughts or control them. All you need to do is consider something from another angle for ten seconds, and you may just learn something…

Some topics that I hope to touch on are:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Mental Health
  • Sexuality and identity
  • Third world countries
  • Religion
  • Poverty
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, cyber, domestic, emotional, etc)
  • The elderly
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • And more

As you can see, these are some heavy topics and I’ll try to always approach them delicately. I have met so many people who have had issues with the things listed above, and I believe their experiences need to be shared in order to help them feel less alone, and educate people on their affects.

I don’t know how well this project will do, or if I’ll post many, but we’ll see. All we can do is try to change the world, little by little, and I choose to do that with my writing.

I hope you can try to do the same. Stay tuned.

If you or anyone you know has an interesting story to share about any of the topics mentioned above, please get into contact with me. Thank you.

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