Happy Birthday, Grandad.

There are many men in this world,

Yet my grandfather towers above the rest.

Perhaps this is because he isn’t of this world.

Of course he isn’t.

How could he be?

No other man in this world could ever,

Even hold a candle to my grandfather.

No hand is as kind as it extends towards the needy.

No heart is as big as it accepts others.

No belly is as full as it laughs a genuine, non-malicious laugh.

No eyes are as open to the good in the world.

No arms are as inviting to every person in the world.

No voice is as melodic as it sings about the world,

And the worlds above. That I don’t see.

No man could ever be greater.

Not ever.

I know this, for sure.

Grandfather, though the world has not been as kind to you as you are to it,

I hope you know that the world is a little less

Bleaker for me because of you.

You are the glasses that help me to see clearer.

You are the lens that I choose to look through and see the world,

For the alternative, doesn’t bear thinking about.

How dark it would be without you.

Will be without you, one day…

But that day hasn’t yet come, and I am eternally grateful,

To your god,

To my universe,

To the fates that know I still need you.

We all do.

So, as you always say, “just keep on dancing.”

And grandad, I promise to remember to dance, too.

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