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Journal entry – a dream

I have a dream for my life. And yes, it is a dream and not a plan, for I fear it will never come to be. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live,” but perhaps Dumbledore never possessed a dream as beatific as this.

A dream of peace. A dream of self security. A dream of bountiful knowing that your life is yours and you are living it well. Ah what a bright, alluring image it is. One of glistening gems aplenty, laid out before me, yet sat perched beyond a veil I cannot penetrate. Temptress!

All I can do is watch from afar and hope one day that you will invite me into your bed. For now, I rest. Not easy; not sound. But rest as best I can in my discomfort and troubled waters. Alone at sea.

Lost? Adrift? Wandering? I know not. But one day found, by you, I hope. Found. One day at peace, I hope. At peace.

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