“Don’t Underestimate Me” – Poem

I may go through life,

A little unsure.

But still I walk,

I run, I soar.

My hands might shake,

And my body may burn.

But with every move,

Your respect I will earn.

Because I’m powerful.


A goddess unseen.

There’s no rules for me,

I break them.

My words,

They may jumble.

My voice,

It may stutter.

But still,

I speak.

I speak.

I speak.

So tell me how,

Does that make me weak?

Do I look like,

I need your help?

I got this.

All my life,

I’ve worked for me.

I’ve loved me.

I’ve been there for


So now, I don’t need,

Your micromanagement,

Your incessant pulls and pushes.

You’re breaking me.

You’re making me,

Doubt myself.

Injecting poison,

Leaving only weeds.

Let me go.

Let me grow.

I am stronger,

Than you think.

I am smarter,

Than you think.

I am braver,

Than you think.

I am me.

I’m a monument,

Behold me.

I’m a queen,

Hail me.

I’m a warrior,

Fear me.

I’m a freaking Titan.

Don’t you dare minimise,


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