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Where Have I Been?

So, what did I do in South Africa, I hear you ask? Well, here’s a quickfire list for you. It was so much more than this list, but I’m writing a book about it all, so you’ll have to read that to get more details!

  • I rode a horse in the mountains, overlooking the beautiful scenes.
  • I sat in a huge truck as we explored an African safari, seeing the likes of lions, monkeys, wildebeest, rhino, hippos and more.
  • I tried African food.
  • I met 46 people.
  • I slept in 4 different places in the 2 weeks.
  • I rode a quad bike for an 1 hour and a half through a game reserve, coming so close to real wild African zebras and giraffe.
  • I witnessed (ish) an African lobola.
  • I relinquished control.
  • I drove a go-kart like a maniac whilst peacocks roamed all around us.
  • I rode in a car with 11 people in it for 10 hours.
  • I went to Durban beach and was washed by the beautiful sea.
  • I watched and enjoyed a Shona rap battle.
  • I danced with a party of happy new family members.
  • I played with crazy children.
  • I watched said children catch, kill, skin, cook and eat a bird.
  • I sat at a makeshift campfire and discussed life with other young adults all from different places.
  • I witnessed the poverty of South Africa.
  • I cooked for 13 people.
  • I ate foods I usually wouldn’t.
  • I saw street lizards, wild horses, and gazelles.
  • I prayed every day.
  • I got lost.
  • I opened my mind.
  • I explored.
  • I really lived…

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