Extremes and Consistency

Hi all, I hope you’re enjoying your start to 2022. For myself, it’s been a mixture of tiring, challenging, and enjoyable! That’s life; a mixture, a balance, a melting pot of all things interwoven together to be experienced.

And this introduces the concept of today’s post. Extremes and consistency. I was speaking to my partner about how nothing is objectively bad or good. We give meaning to things; the things themselves don’t necessarily do much. But what we do need to pay attention to is the extremes of the things we are doing or not doing.

Working out when done too much can become an obsession where you’re never satisfied, thus it’s unhealthy for you. You could do too much and injure yourself, too. But not working out at all is just as dangerous and unhealthy, physically and mentally.

The extremes are what causes the problem.

This is important to consider at this time of year. People are focused on changing their lives right now. Creating new habits, letting go of old ones, and trying to achieve more. That’s great but…

Be aware of the extremes. Don’t overcorrect so much that it’s unhealthy and unsustainable.

What I mean is don’t go from doing no exercise to going to the gym two times a day. Don’t go from eating snacks often to never snacking at all. It will mean you fail in your pursuits because it’s too extreme to maintain. I’m not saying this NEVER works. There are always exceptions. But for most of us, extremes don’t work long-term. Extremes aren’t natural. Extremes mean we burn out or do nothing (depending on the end of the scale you’re sitting on).

So, if you want lasting change in your lifestyle, habits, health, and happiness, then I would say you need to be realistic, compassionate, and just aware of the extremes you may be going to and how they aren’t easily maintained for your life in the long run.

Find a middle-ground. Find a balance. Find a method that suits who you are and what you really need.

Tips for consistency:

  • Minimise the expectations you put on yourself: I will clean for 15 mins instead of an hour; I will do a Yoga with Adriene video instead of going to a yoga class every day; I will write 500 words instead of 1,000
  • Be clear on why you’re even doing something: doing something just because or because someone else is doing it isn’t good enough motivation for when things get tough! Why are you doing this? What’s the point? Why is it important to you personally? When you have that, keep it written somewhere
  • Get others to help you: be held accountable by having a partner who does things with you, or someone who supports you, or someone who just knows about it and that awareness motivates you to not disappoint
  • Make it easy to do: remove distractions and obstacles, get the gear needed out ready, do it in the simplest form
  • Make it enjoyable for you: give yourself a reward, make it silly and fun, do it in a way that’s very you (like dressing up while writing, listening to your fav music while working out, reading short silly books instead of classics or non-fic)
  • Do it for you, not others: don’t let others dictate the how of your life or experiences, do what feels good and right for you
  • Don’t go overboard and take intentional breaks: rest and restoration are important for maintaining habits, too

Good luck with your endevours!


S. xx

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