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Life & Content Update: As of September…

Hey guys, just a quick check-in and update…

I’m back at work now and so busier than lockdown, duh! I am very anxious, to be honest. No one knows how things are going to work and how successful it’ll be. Plus, I feel like I’m still the new kid, still in a state of discomfort and unknown. So that, on top of “post-pandemic” disaster…it’s a lot.

But alas, back to work I go and I’m sort of happy about it. I think the routine of staying at home is getting to me more than I realise. Plus, I want the anxiety of not knowing if this job is right for me to go away. And the only way it goes away is by doing it. Doing the thing. So let’s go, September, show me what you got!

What does September mean for me and my content?

  • Less posts and podcasts
  • Little-to-no social media
  • Less self-help and self-development content consumption
  • Preparing for my second year studying at The Open University
  • Finishing off the first draft of my WIP

So, I can’t predict the future but I do want to be kind to myself and not force myself to do more than I can handle, especially not at first. So if that ends up meaning no content at all for September or especially October, then so be it. Though, I doubt it.

Everything I’m doing (or not doing) is to protect my mental health as I know how overwhelm and overconsumption and stress can affect me.

I love you all for even caring to read or listen each week, so I just wanted to let you know in advance so that you’re not confused.

I’m not gone. I haven’t given up blogging or podcasting, but I might be taking a break.

Speak to you again soon. Please take care of yourselves. In the meantime, I have loads of old content that you’ve probably not read, so have a peruse! Use the search bar at the bottom for topics of interest.

Ciao for now!


S. xx

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