2021 Reading Stats

Interesting and important topics I covered in my reading:

  • Gangs
  • Police brutality
  • Sexuality
  • Gender identity
  • Attention
  • Habits
  • Slavery and colonisation (if it were white people that it happened to)
  • Original fairy tales
  • Forced marriage
  • Facts about the world / stats that prove we’re doing better than we think
  • Shame and perfectionism

Total number of books read = 41

Number of physical books read = 17

Number of audiobooks listened to = 10

Number of ebooks read = 14

Total number of pages read = 11,947

Average book length = 296 (I read some shorter ones the last week of December!)

Total number of audiobook hours = 108 hours

Longest physical book read = 636, Goblet of Fire

Shortest physical book read = 67, Notting Hill Carnival

Longest audiobook read = 26hrs, Priory of the Orange Tree

Shortest audiobook read = 3hrs 11, Can We All Calm Down

Number of authors of colour/non-white authors read = 11

– of which weren’t black = 3

Number of LGBTQ authors or stories read = 8

Number of books featuring POC/non-white main character read = 12

Number of books NOT set in a westernised country = 2

Number of non-fiction books read = 9

Favourite non-fiction read = Untamed or This Book Is Gay

Favourite fiction read = A Very Large Expanse of Sea or Hello Mum

Least favourite read = And the Ocean Was Our Sky or I Thought It Was Just Me (both authors I enjoy, but these are these worst books, IMO!)

How did you do? Happy reading in 2022!


S. xx

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