The Ache of Knowing (poem)

It is a horrid thing.

Knowing the exact weight

of choice.

Knowing, from here, you fly or

you fall.

This is it.


Loud are the opinions,

the “advice” and judgement

of others.

Tip-toe ahead…

or leap?

from the cliffside

Will wings grow as I


It hurts

to be so aware.


And it’s so close, I taste it.

I’ve always wanted this dream.

But what if this moment

is black? Faded


Fall on your face for all

to see

The dream lied.

Reduced to grey nightmares;

burned to ash

by foolish fingers


‘Oh, Naive Child

Playing at life

Don’t you know that safe

is safer?’

I ache from the knowing.

And so, I shrink…


Parcel up the dream

leave it for another

foolish heart

‘Will you flourish

as I could not?

Or will you give in to

the ache of knowing?’

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